Development New Wiring Product

Do you want to create or have you already developed your own product but need wiring?

CoIO, with its modern equipment and trained personnel, is ready to meet your needs. We design the necessary wiring according to your product’s specifications, maintaining high standards of quality and safety as dictated by market standards. Additionally, our industrial unit can ensure the immediate commencement of your product’s production.

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Wiring Product Improvement

Are you facing any issues or looking to enhance your existing product?

It is common for a wiring harness in its first version or over time to reveal weaknesses or even serious problems. This is often due to poor design or an incorrect production system. Additionally, some wiring harnesses require improvement due to an upgrade in the main product.

What do we do at CoIO?

We carefully examine your product and its functionality, collecting detailed data for analysis. Leveraging our extensive experience and specialized tools/software, we identify any weaknesses and develop a new, improved version tailored to your needs. Our products and solutions are specifically designed to align with your production process and are seamlessly integrated with our manufacturing unit. This approach provides an additional advantage for both the product and its assemblers. After all, a good design is never enough without proper production.

Product Production

Do you seek quality, reliability, and speed for your products?

In today’s fast-paced market, it is crucial to have reliable partners and ensure that your orders are delivered on time and with consistently high quality.

At CoIO, we are committed to providing you with the best service. What can we offer you?

Our company handles a wide range of wiring harnesses across various sectors daily:

• Industry

• Automotive

• Medical

• Aerospace / Military

• Specialized wiring

We achieve this through the flexibility and training of our personnel, as well as internal categorization based on the type of wiring. Additionally, we offer standardization solutions to companies that manufacture their wiring internally, allowing them to outsource the wiring production and focus on their core product.

In more detail, the main handling stages:

• Cutting – Stripping of wires

• Crimping of terminals

• Ultrasonic processing

• Soldering

• Soldering on PCBs with THD components

• Adding special insulating materials

• Assembling connectors

• Assembling peripheral materials

• Molding / Hotmelt process

• Applying special silicone / glue

• UV bonding

• Processing metals / plastics for special applications

• Visual inspection

• Electrical testing of low and high voltage

• Special packaging according to customer requirements

All the above processes are carried out using:

• Hand tools (Manual process)

• Semi-automatic machines

• Fully automated machines

depending on specifications, order quantities, and customer requirements.

We regularly update our mechanical equipment to meet market demands. Our personnel are trained and retrained to cover at least 3-4 different tasks, ensuring smooth production functionality.

CoIO is always prepared to welcome upgrades and incorporate new specialties to meet market demands.

English Terminology: Cable harness | Wire assembly | Wire harness | Wiring loom | Cable assembly

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Documentating Samples and Production Products

So Simple Yet So Detailed!

Documenting a product, from design to production and shipping, involves many stages and varies according to the product category. Our company follows the ISO 9001 standard, with the necessary extensions to IATF 16949 standards, and others.

Some of the services we offer to our customers upon request include:

• 2D/3D Wiring Drawings

• PAPP Documents

• Production and Engineering Work Instructions


• Layout

• Flow Chart

• QS Plan

• BOM List

• Cutting List

Raw Materials

How Important is the Choice of Quality Raw Materials?

At CoIO, the selection of raw materials is not just about meeting needs; it’s a responsibility. The materials we choose are the alpha and omega of our production. We select our suppliers with great care and ensure their regular evaluation. In turn, they guarantee that they provide us with the highest quality materials.

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