Who we are

The People Behind CoIO

CoIO is a company specialized in Wire harness manufacturing, employing over 130 dedicated professionals. We offer comprehensive assembly and processing services with a focus on wiring. Our expertise covers a wide range, from simple electrical and electronic wiring to complex sectors such as Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Medical, Industrial, and other specialized applications. Additionally, CoIO excels in designing, developing, and providing thorough documentation services in the field of cabling.

Our Vision

Vision means having goals, and goals must be achieved.

A few years ago, when we talked about cables, most people hadn’t thought about how they exist inside machines and devices. Their use is so simple yet so crucial. We started with the transfer of electrical energy, moved on to data transfer (commonly known as the internet), and now we have digitized even the simplest cables. However, their evolution doesn’t stop here!

Our company’s founder, Stavros Andreadis, envisioned a different version of the cable. Every day, we strive to grow by increasing our production capabilities, aiming to become a world-class company that continually invests in research and innovation. We envision a group of companies, each specializing in a specific type of wiring, supporting every business that envisions the future.


Quality, a word so small yet so significant! We are here to ensure quality. We want quality to be synonymous with the name Porto

Career Opportunities

At CoIO, we believe that our people are the best driving force for moving forward into the future. That’s why we are committed to creating new job opportunities.

Safety & Health

What could be better than moving with safety and ensuring high levels of health? We are here to revolutionize technology and make this vision a reality. Το μέλλον!